Stephanie Mathis is the daughter of Chet Mathis and Vanessa Mathis. She is in love with Tommy McGinnis

Relationships Edit

Stephanie is the girlfriend of Tommy McGinnis. Tommy first asked her to go to the basketball game with him when they each caught a ride to school on the back of Possum's tricycle. Stephanie's parents reacted badly when she told them of the relationship, leading her to run away to Possum's Shack with Tommy. In Episode 2, Tommy and Stephanie attempt to be married by Señor Padre, and afterwards flee into the Woods, unsure of where to go. After they cross the border into Sherpertsville they meet an old man named Squirrel, who advises them to go home and face their problems head-on.

Appearances Edit

Episode 1 - "Taco Tuesday"

Episode 2 - "Oh Lord, Look Upon Us And Be Merciful"

Played By Edit

Miles Lindahl - Ep. 1, 2

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