Possum is a handy-man living in Wolftrap. He does odd jobs for people in town, including the McGinnis Family, the Matthis Family and the local high school. Possum lives in a shack behind the high school field, which he built himself. When young Tommy McGinnis and Stephanie Matthis run away and visit Possum in his shack, he tells them a story about a boy named Paul and a girl named Megan who riwere also in love long ago. The boy "Paul" in the story MAY be Possum himself, and this may be his origin story.

Possum rides a tricyle with attached recumbent rumble seats attached to the back.

During the 1987 Bat Incident, Possum scraped waves of bat carcasses off the high school. He attributes the end of the Bat Incident to his own heroic efforts.

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