Chet Mathis is an inventor, husband to Vanessa Mathis and father of Stephanie Mathis. He lives in the alley behind the McGinnis house and hates the McGinnises.

Relationships Edit

Chet's wife, Vanessa, does not support him because of his failures as an inventor.

Chet disapproves of his daughter Stephanie's relationship with Tommy McGinnis.

Career Edit

Chet is an inventor, but has yet to have any success. He designed the storm drains around his house, but they fail to work, and get rats stuck in them. He also designed the Church weathervane, which also doesn't work.

Appearances Edit

Episode 1 - "Taco Tuesday"

Episode 2 - "Oh Lord, Look Upon Us And Be Merciful"

Played By Edit

Harry Marker - Episode 1,2

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